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Filteranlagen Chemie Ausschnitt


The chemical industry is a main user of air filtration systems, not only for dust collection. As important is the separation of products from the gas stream (product recovery). A mulitude of processes and technologies for the production of chemical products and intermediates include drying, evaporation, cristallization etc. As a downstream stage, bag filters for product separation from gas streams are a major integral part of the entire production process.

Typical examples for product recovery systems can be found in the titanium dioxide or in the polypropylene production. Especially important is to limit any operating breakdown to a minimum. Otherwise, high losses through production downtime could be the result. Reliability, system stability and separation efficiency do have highest priority. MikroPul as the founder of the pulse-jet dust collector technology more than 50 years ago has supplied all different kinds of solutions for the widest range of chemical processes. Today, MikroPul equipment is the standard there.


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Filteranlagen Chemie Ausschnitt
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Filteranlagen Chemie Ausschnitt