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MikroPul has been amongst the leaders in dust collection, air pollution control and product recovery since decades.

We are accepted worldwide as a reliable partner in engineering, plants and systems for filtration and product recovery of (valuable) dusts.

Our range of products:
Mikro-Pulsaire (Detergent Production)Mikro-Pulsaire Cylindrical Unit with Thermplate JacketMikro-Pulsaire Cylindrical UnitHeated Double CycloneMikroPul Scrubber (Phosphate Drier)Part of the Nederman GroupBin Vent Collector in Chemical PlantMikro-Pulsaire Filter UnitScrubbing System for Scrap RecyclingPart of the Nederman GroupMikroPul Scrubber (Top)Mikro-Pulsaire Baghouse ModulesPart of the Nederman Group
Change of Management

Mr. Markus SCHILLI is appointed as Managing Director of MikroPul GmbH. In addition, he will continue his current role as Technical Manager at Nederman Filtration GmbH. Mr. Ulf MATTISSON is appointed as Sales Manager of MikroPul GmbH in addition to his current role as Sales Manager “Engineered Solutions EMEA”. This business area covers the sales of complex solutions of Nederman in the region Europe, Middle East and Africa. Mr. Patrick SASERAS, former Managing Director of MikroPul GmbH, is leaving the company but will continue as Managing Director of MikroPul France. We wish to thank Patrick SASERAS warmly for his dedication to the company and his efforts in developing its activities. I look forward to continuing and developing our relation and cooperation. MikroPul GmbH Markus SCHILLI +49 2203 9391-0 November 2014

MikroPul GmbH and Filter-Media become MikroPul Nederman EMEA

As part of the continuous development of our business, we are pleased to announce that MikroPul GmbH and Filter-Media (division of MikroPul France S.A.S.) are joined under the entity named MikroPul Nederman EMEA.

New ATEX certificate

The DEKRA organisation, Bochum/Germany, has acknowledged that MikroPul implemented a quality assurance system for potentially explosive environments.

 New ATEX certificate
Nederman acquires EFT and MikroPul

Nederman and Environmental Filtration Technologies form one of the world’s largest industrial filtration groups.

Nederman Holding AB of Helsingborg, Sweden has announced the acquisition of Charlotte based Environmental Filtration Technologies, Inc. (EFT). Both Nederman and EFT offer a wide range of products and solutions for industrial filtration. These offerings range from single work station products (e.g. welding) up to air pollution control systems for entire plants (e.g. foundries, steel mills or power plants).

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Videos about MikroPul products

MikroFix® Blowpipe Fastening for Bag Filters

Now, bag filter maintenance is easier and faster by using the patented MikroFix® blowpipe fastening system.

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Do you know IMV Pro? MikroPul provides a proprietary "Integrated Magnet Valve System" (IMV Pro) for unique and efficient control of pulse jet filter bag cleaning.


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MikroPulsaire Ausschnitt
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