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Mikro-Pulsaire ® Pulse-Jet Dust Collector

MikroPul developed the first Pulse-Jet Bag Filter in 1956 and has ever since successfully installed more than 200.000 systems. The breadth of technologies, combined with our years of application experience and global resources, allows MikroPul to provide the right tool for the job at hand.

Mikro-Pulsaire ® Principle of Function

The dust-tight Pulsaire has three sections: a clean-air plenum at the top, a filtration housing containing a number of cylindrical filter bags in the middle, and a dust storage hopper at the bottom. The filter bags are supported from a tube sheet which separates the filtration housing from the plenum.

Dust laden air enters the collector through a diffuser (1, optional) which absorbs the impact of the high velocity dust particles, distributes the air, and reduces its velocity. The slower air speed causes the heavier particles to drop into the hopper. The air stream then flows through the filter bags (2), depositing the fine dust on the outside of the bag. The cleaned air continues upward into the plenum and exhausts into the atmosphere.

Filter bags are cleaned by a momentary, high pressure back-pulse of compressed air from the clean side of the bag. The pulses are delivered by blowpipes (4), arranged over each row of bags, incorporating orifice nozzles directed into the center of each bag. The bursts of air are optimized by venturis located at the top of the bags to effectively dislodge dust along the length of the bag.

Cleaning cycles are timed by a Mikro-Timer. A differential pressure gauge (between the clean and dirty sides) helps determine cleaning frequency.


Collectors and system components are normally constructed from carbon steel. Also available are stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel or other exotic metals.

Mikro-Pulsaire collectors are designed to meet applicable industry codes (i.e. AD/TRB, ASME, BS etc.) or other individual requirements.


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