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Continuous Cleaning Reverse Air Filters

The RAF II utilizes two techniques to remove dust: cyclonic separation and media filtration. Dust laden air enters the reverse air filter through a low involute inlet (1) where it meets a deep particle deflector (2). This combination causes a cyclonic downward deflection of larger particles to the baghouse hopper.

This separation step allows for very heavy dust loadings, reduces abrasion and lowers the energy requirement for removing remaining particles.

The air then passes through the filter bags (3) which filter out the remaining fine particles. The now clean air flows into a clean air plenum (4) and exits through an outlet duct for recycling or venting to atmosphere. The dust captured on the filter media is discharged into the hopper by the reverse air cleaning mechanism (5).

Reverse Air Filters

MikroPul reverse air collectors are very effective for various applications involving extremely fine dust where low outlet emissions are required. Bags are cleaned by reversing the airflow and blowing air back through the fabric. The simple cleaning design involves few moving parts resulting in low maintenance, low operating costs, and extended bag life.

Construction Features Typical Applications

Rotary Prefilters

Protects Primary Filter from Lint Clogging and Reduces Dust Loading for Greater System Efficiency.

The MikroPul Rotary Prefilter is designed to capture both lint and dust. It is installed upstream of primary dust filters and is particularly suitable for large tunnel return systems.
The unit features a disk-shaped screen which rotates in a vertical plane. Lint and dust accumulates on the screen and is removed by a reciprocating suction arm, operating continuously or upon demand, as required by the application.

In the continuous mode, the prefilter functions similarly to a preseparator, removing lint and large clumps which would overload or clog the primary filter.

In the more customary demand mode, operation is triggered by pressure drop caused by the build-up of lint and dust on the screen. As the screen captures material, the resultant mat acts as filter media, capturing fine dust as well as lint. Only a small portion of the mat is removed at any given time, which helps maintain a constant level of filtration efficiency.

Used as a prefilter, the unit reduces the volume of dust that must be handled by downstream primary filters. The result is greater overall system efficiency and, in some cases, reduced investment for filtration equipment.

Pleated Belt Filters (PBF)

The MikroPul Pleated Belt Filter (PBF) is a patented, revolutionary design that combines high capacity pleated media with high efficiency suction cleaning. The result is a high efficiency self-cleaning filter offering more capacity for its size than any other filter on the market.

For the first time, thorough automatic cleaning of agglomerated fibers and dust out of dense pleated high efficiency filter media is possible.

Features and Benefits

The PBF provides outstanding filtration performance for any air stream containing fiber and dust.

Applications include

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