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Filter Media: Filter Bags

MikroPul manufactures high quality filter bags of virtually any size, style, configuration, and capacity for any make of baghouse / dust collector. Because each application is different, our experienced experts can help you select filter bags with the properties best suited for your needs.

 Selection Criteria
Fabric Types
Cotton Polypropylene Nylon Wool
Homopolymerisatacryl Copolymerisatacryl Aramid Teflon™
Glass fiber Ryton™ P84™
Fiber Types
Felted Woven Knitted Spunbonded
Treatments and Finishes
Mikrotex ® ARN I ™ Shield ™ Singed
Glazed HCE ® Epitropic SDF ®
Tuflex II ® Metalized Acrylic foam Silicone
Electrostatic Grounding
Stainless steel wire Copper wire Conductive felt with stainless steel or carbon fibers
FDA Certificate Filter Bags MP 55PEX-FDA
FDA Certificate Filter Bags MP 55PEX-FDA

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