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Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

MikroPul Wet Electrostatic Precipitators are a proven method for cleaning gases in applications where scrubbers or bag filters cannot be used for some reasons.

Wet Tubular Electrostatic Precipitator(WEP-T)

A relatively new design, the WEP-T provides easy removal of super-fine, sticky liquid or solid particles, from process gas streams. It is constructed with a series of vertical tubes through which the raw gas flows upward. Electrodes are suspended in the center of each tube, which electrostatically charge the particles in the gas. The charged particles are attracted to the walls of the tubes, which are continuously flushed with water. The wash water drains into a sediment tank, the contaminant particles are removed, and the water is then recirculated.

The continuous irrigation of the tubes and electrodes eliminates build-up of sticky particles. Because of its unique design, the WEP-T can be manufactured from inexpensive reinforced plastics.

Other Advantages

MikroPul wet electrostatic precipitators are able to handle a class of particles outside the range of conventional precipitators. They can also be used to absorb gaseous pollutants along with particulate matter by using chemical additives in the spray liquor.

Acid mists and other aerosols Automotive recycling plants
Chip board plants Coating operations
Condensed particulates and gaseous pollutants Fiberglass forming lines
Galvanizing plants High resistivity particulates
Incinerators, hazardous or medical wastes, etc. Iron and steel rolling mills
Oil mists and tar fogs Oil or tar contaminated particulates
Pigment production Sinter plants
Soil regeneration Sulphuric acid plants
Tar collection Tempering operations

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