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Wet Scrubbing

MikroPul has been a pioneer worldwide in providing wet scrubbers to solve air pollution control problems for over 40 years.

MikroPul Scrubber Designs

MikroPul scrubbers can be supplied in carbon steel, plastics/FRP, or exotic stainless steels.

With our experience and worldwide resources, MikroPul has the capability to engineer a wet scrubber system that efficiently meets your needs.

Aluminium Automotive Chemicals
Coal Detergents Foundries
Iron ore Mining Plastics
Pulp and Paper Water treatment Steel

Two Stage Systems

The MikroPul two-stage design is for applications which demand higher scrubbing efficiency of sub-micron dust particles at the lowest possible pressure drop. It utilizes the Multi-Venturi rod deck technology as a pre-cleaner to the Dynamic Scrubber or a s retrofit to enhance the performance of an existing Dynamic Scrubber or Mikrovane Scrubber.

The Multi-Venturi inlet / Dynamic Scrubber combination can match the performance of a conventional Venturi Scrubber but operates at only about one-third the pressure drop.

For existing scrubbers that have been pushed beyond original design specifications or need improved efficiency to meet stricter emission codes, then a MikroPul Multi-Venturi Inlet retrofit may be the answer.


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